Detective Mike Tedesky, housebound since the hunt for a serial arsonist left him severely burned and disfigured, has lost his purpose.  Detective Nina Rossi sets out to pull him out of his self-imposed prison to help her catch what could be the same man who destroyed him years ago.

Executive Producer and Co-Directo, Karen Hallford

Star - Zack Starr

Director, Co-Star - Step Rowe

TEDESKY is a short film crime drama, made possible by Karen Hallford and Hallford Productions, produced exclusively with Keene Studios actors and friends of the studio!  Tedesky will premiere in Washington DC as a part of the 2015 GI Film Festival.


click here for TEDESKY Film Trailer


DP Michael Morlan and Cam Op Lizzi Covert

Shot on location at Barbara Williamson's San Marcos Retreat

Burn Makeup